Fibres are one of the most widely used group of products in the global economy, JustFibres have over 50 years combined specialist expertise in sourcing and supplying fibers used in a multitude of differing applications.

Whether you need polyester, polypropylene, specialist fibres or fibres manufactured from pet flakes we  have the knowledge and contacts to service your any requirement.

Polyester Fibres
We supply:
Virgin Fibres produced from MEG and PTA
Recycled Fibres produced from recycled PET bottle flakes
Mixed Fibres produced from virgin and recycled fibres

These are available in:
Solid or Hollow
Den 1.4 – 26
Colour White or Black
Cut lengths 32-102mm

Each fibre depending on it’s application can have a variety of additional characteristics: Saw tooth or Conjugated
Slickened for Fire Test BS 5852
Various crimp levels
Siliconised finish
Non Allergenic treatments (Aegis)
4 Hole
Polypropylene Fibres
These are new for Spring 2012 and are available in:
Den 4-12
Colour Black or White
Cut Lengths 32-102mm
Special Fibres
These are available in:
Short Cut
Low Melt (Bicomponent)
Air Laid
PET Flakes
We can supply hot or cold washed bottle flakes from our producers.